Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I Hate Typing when My Mouth is Full

Taking a break from shoveling some of last week's souvenirs Blizzard Colbie's visit, I followed my nose and the aroma of freshly baked muffins to the quiet first week opening of LuLu's Lunchbox at 20 Lafayette Street, just steps from one of my phavorite places, Philly's.

Lulu's Lunchbox, at what was Linda's Market (as well as later, GinaBeans) is another piece in the ever enlarging mosaic that reflects our community's quality of life and is also another small but important proof of (renewed) interest and engagement in The Rose of New England.

Designed for early-risers and the let's-have-something-different-for-lunch crowd, LuLu's is open Monday through Friday from six in the morning until three. They have both eat-in and take-out from a menu filled with delicious delights and homemade treats. Lulu, herself, was at counter to greet and guide another first-time customer (me) struggling with the consequences of freedom of choice.

I stopped in last Friday morning a little before ten, joining a few patrons already studying the menu and enjoying a late breakfast. A tray of muffins was coming out of the oven (I've always trusted my nose and was right again), taking its place in a glass display case already stocked with home-baked cookies.

As a long-time fan of Linda's lunch-time grinders, I was happy to see new life in a familiar space. LuLu's is new in every sense of the word with bright, friendly colors, warm lighting, flat screen TV and tall tables ideal for quick or casual conversations. Her menu offerings are featured on large boards behind the preparation counter, with enough blank space to keep adding menu items, which is the plan.

I had stopped in to order a lunch sandwich but standing there surrounded by the sights and smells I almost gave in to the temptation of Brad's Breakfast Burrito, which is sausage, eggs, home fried potatoes with peppers, onions and cheese in a flour tortilla. My mouth is watering just typing it. I had read rave reviews on line about how good it is, but I already have one membership at Planet Fitness and don't need a reason to have to get a second one.

I decided on Riley's Turkey/Bacon/Avocado sandwich but the snow had snarled Lulu's deliveries all week and she was out of turkey. Instead I opted for ham and hoped Riley would understand. I smiled (okay, maybe drooled a little too) as the hearty wheat berry bread and Swiss cheese strained under the weight of all the ingredients.

With my sandwich wrapped in white butcher paper, I continued on my walk, with one eye on my watch, looking forward to lunch-time. Of course, it was delicious and just large enough to make very happy I had no friends who'd expect me to it with them, since I wouldn't.

There’s soup and salads and savory side dishes, too. Stop in for a menu and explore for yourself. LuLu's phone is 860.886.5858 and the fax is 860.886.0019, Taste for yourself why LuLu's is another reason to come home to Norwich
- bill kenny

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