Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Nearly an Eternal Flame

In the future, offered Andy Warhol in a more memorable moment from a long time ago, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes. If you are wondering who Andy Warhol is, then perhaps he misspoke himself ever so slightly. But I digress.

Now, in answer to a question no one, I suspect, has ever asked, you can live on and in theory forever, at least on Facebook, after you've shuffled off this mortal coil. So now I'm thinking I'll need to amend my will to list a legacy contact and set up caches of profile pictures and banner photos that this person can use after I've unfriended this life.

I'm not sure if Irene Cara is serving as advisor to Facebook on this type of policy revision (based on the video, I think she took herself out of contention as a fashion consultant) though I think if Mr. Zuckerberg were to contact the spirit of Jim Carroll, he could line up enough business to take him into the new millennium.
-bill kenny

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