Thursday, May 5, 2016

It's Better if I Tell You So

Across the USA today, many of our friends and neighbors will celebrate Cinco de Mayo even though many can speak no more Spanish than is used at Chipotle or Taco Bell.

For a lot of us, today is a good reason for a party and we certainly don't need a second invitation to do that. With the exception of parts of the American Upper Mid-West, the weather should be conducive for frivolity and debauchery (assuming the weather needs to be even remotely pleasant for those of us who will 'observe the holiday.').

The "Batalla de Puebla" represented Mexican unity and patriotism
It's too bad we north of the border of Mexico don't have a better grasp of our own and our neighbor's history to more fully realize where this holiday falls on calendars other than our own. It may be too late to affect a course correction on that and it's entirely possible after November's U. S. elections there could be a very different perception and perspective, and one not necessarily good for anyone.
-bill kenny

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