Friday, May 20, 2016

Only Attractive Friends in Pennsylvania

We have quite a slog before we reach the Republican and Democratic Party presidential nominating conventions this summer and then an even longer, hotter summer that will become the autumn of lives before we vote for a new President, a third of the Senate and the entire House of Representatives.

Maybe it looks better from where you live, but from I sit, the “no fun” light on the dashboard is burning very brightly already and I cannot even begin to imagine how much stupider (my sister Jill’s word from about the age of five onwards) it will be by the time leaves are turning and falling.

Especially when you have this kind of story to start your day. And all this time I had assumed those license plates telling me I have a friend in Pennsylvania were true. Only to have to endure a less than diplomatic truth enema from Big Ed.

The farther out in space you go, Governor, the more alike we look. When you’re a homely mook like me, you take solace in the belief that from a distance, you and Cary (or Hugh) Grant could be twins. Yeah, I know you meant beauty is only skin deep but so, too, it seems, is the veneer of civility and manners.

And in light of how nasty this whole process is about to become and remain with billions of dollars yet unspent dedicated to telling lies and ugly truths about the other candidate, the only 10’s that will be in discussion are those wrapped around 20’s and 50’s. When it comes to looks (and when and where), I think J. Geils nailed it.
-bill kenny 

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