Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Day without Women

Tomorrow is International Women's Day. I'm biased (and I should get some credit for admitting that to start with) in my support of International Women's Day because my mom was a woman, and a strong woman at that.

I grew up in a household where she and my dad raised three lovely and strong sisters (though there were moments I confess when I wasn't all that wild about them) and, as luck or fate would have it, I was to marry a beautiful and relentlessly capable woman (causing many who have known us both to wonder what possessed her) and we, in turn, have had two children of our own with one a daughter who is a brilliant musician, a wonderful cook and a wickedly funny, remarkable human being.

Womens' rights are human rights. I'm glad it's that simple because I'm a simple person. This year for reasons well within our control here in the USA, maybe it's not quite as simple as it has been, but that's okay because anything worth having is worth the struggle to achieve it.


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