Saturday, March 4, 2017

Sports Is Life

We're barely a week into MLB's spring training and it's already time to to get excited about the World Baseball Classic (or try to). Sorry. I love it in theory and hate it in practice, or at least hate where it falls in terms of getting in the way of my enjoyment of "real" baseball. 

And am I really a bad person because I cannot get jazzed over the prospect of watching Israel tangle with The Netherlands. I've always thought of baseball as our national sport so I'm happy (I think) that so many other nations play it, and less than happy that so many others can play it as well as they do.
But what if baseball isn't our national sport? Do we have a Plan B and if so, how about a Plan C? Perhaps we should move on. Start small and approach the Olympic Committee with exhibition sports' requests and then barrel right on through with a torrent of ideas and hope some stick. What do you say to some of these? 

When will the summer Olympics add NASCAR? Why shouldn't Andorra's Olympians have Go Daddy fire suits? Or how about Monster Trucks? Why settle for Greco-Roman wrestling when there's WWE? And don't tell me we're the only country on earth with dogs running the length of docks leaping into the air and landing in the water. I feel a Wide World moment coming on. 

Considering the dollars, petro and otherwise, changing hands for the rights to broadcast any and all international sports competitions to the farthest corner of the universe where, I suspect, the reaction is often like it is in my house on most weekends ("I didn't know the Pro Disc Golf Association channel was an NBC affiliate!"), we might seriously consider throwing the competitions wide open to let curling, animal calling, and log rolling have a shot at fame. So put those thinking caps on.

I'm holding out, of course, for that most national of all of our past times, bailing out Too Big to Fails with other people's money. The problem, as I understand it right now is lining up sponsors. No worries, we've got just the national leadership team in place now to square this away. How about a show of hands for Beer PongBrilliant
-bill kenny

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