Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Della Street Died for Your Sins

We've all seen them, those TV commercials for a product that "nine out ten doctors" endorse or "four out of five dentists recommend." I sit in my living room and wonder about the 'the other one,' the one who doesn't endorse or recommend.

So when I pulled the string on this story I thought about my own  (very limited) dealings with members of the legal community and have opted to withhold judgment on the tragically less than fortunate Stephen Guiterrez and his possibly manufactured by Samsung e-cigarette lighter.

Besides, when your client is accused of setting fire to his own car (for the insurance money? I couldn't find an account that told me the name of the client or the alleged reason for the crime) and your defense is spontaneous combustion, I have to wonder if showing up for closing arguments wearing a Donald Trump suit (if that is indeed what he wore, there's nothing in any of the reports telling me one way or the other) wasn't really calling out the universe. Turns out it answered.
-bill kenny

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