Sunday, September 26, 2010

Difference between a Rut and a Grave

Would probably be better off typing this while standing. Finished driving 510.8 miles from Hampton Roads Virginia to my garage in Norwich, Connecticut not that many hours ago and while the event that precipitated the trip was happy/sad, the driving required a mind like a steel trap, a heart of stone and a butt of steel. Two out of three ain't bad.

You see odd things (other drivers do) when you're behind the wheel-and I think a lot of it has to do with the difference between motivations and behaviors. When you ask me if I'm a bad driver as I swirl and twirl between lanes on 64E headed towards Richmond, I will assure you I am most certainly not(!) I am aggressive and assertive but another word beginning with A and ending with hole, am I not. Meanwhile, up behind and, next, alongside until, finally, in front of me, another motorist executes the same double salto I just did and I'll swear he's certifiable. The difference? I know why I did what I did, but I can only see his behavior and NOT the reasons for it.

Coming back yesterday on CT 15 (a/k/a The Merritt Parkway) I was struck by the construction signs around the overpass rebuilds that are being accomplished (for a state with no money, We Nutmeggers have found a box o' bucks to repair the ornate latticework on the highway overpasses, let me tell you) that explain the maximum clearance under the trestles is ten feet and six inches (plus minus three inches from the time we got on it at its start near Greenwich to the exit at Orange/New Haven).

I appreciate the advisories at every construction site except, as I recall, not only are commercial vehicles banned from the Merritt for its entire length (which is two lanes in each direction, no breakdown lane, no stopping at any time-what a relic of the 1950's! Where's Ozzie Nelson with the Nash?) any vehicle taller than eight feet high is also not allowed. So what does any of us suppose would be travelling the Merritt Parkway that's taller than ten and a half feet? Yeah, I'm drawing a blank as well. Friendly reminder: stay right except to pass (explains the recent elections, doesn't it?).
-bill kenny

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