Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rhymes with Cheater

I've mentioned casually, I believe, a couple of hundred (million) times that I'm a baseball fan(atic). I acknowledge there are many other sports but aside from (DFB especially) European football (= soccer), it's really baseball. Actually, get ready to boo since that happens a lot, it's Yankees baseball. Yeah, I know other teams play in the Major Leagues. S.o? W.h.a.t?

That's sort of my disclaimer for those whose cries of anguish and
existential angst over the goings on, or technically, the NOT goings-on, at Tropicana Field the other night have been echoing across the hills and valleys of this great nation. Jerry Seinfeld once offered for fans of professional sports, you're actually rooting for laundry, not the contents so I'm not sure how seriously the concerns about Fair Play, ethical behavior and (my personal favorite) being a role Model should be considered.

Let me dwell on that last point for more than moment because I'm ill listening to the sanctimonious mewling and puking of pseudo outrage about the conduct of Derek
Jeter, a/k/a the Designated Patron Saint of The Bronx (so make sure you have his bobble-head on your dashboard where PJ used to be). Little known fact: it was Abner Doubleday who coined the phrase, 'by any means necessary' and he was thinking about a pennant race which is what the AL East is, boys and girls.

In addition to being to being uniform models, some of us have forgotten these folks are grown-ups, playing games for obscenely large sums of money, games that most of us attempted as children for free. Barkley, not Gnarls, the other one, is right. In a world with a Mother Theresa, a Sully, a person serving in an American uniform thousands of miles from home in a hostile fire zone (times hundreds of thousands of persons), you want a professional athlete as a role model? Spoiled for choice, are we?

"I'm getting nothing and expecting oblivion. The past ain't even worth livin' in. It's just a nail that keeps being driven in. So get them, get him, but don't get me to fill up your empty lives."Got World Series Rings? Then STFU and Play Ball.
-bill kenny

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