Saturday, September 25, 2010

There's a Part that's Not Screwed On

Went to a local sight while we're motoring in the Mid Atlantic states and have encountered a surprising number of places, to include business establishments that are off one of the weekend days and then a day during the week, though not a Monday or a Friday. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure I get it but it takes me back to when I was a kid (and dinosaurs roamed the earth), and I'm not sure I like that sensation either.

When I was little barber shops were closed on Sunday and on Wednesday (supposedly to make up for being open on Saturday when most of their customers boy-kids were dragged by their moms to get haircuts). My dad always insisted on crew cuts. I hated crew cuts-correction on the tense of the verb, still hate crew cuts. I sort of understood the Wednesday closing and from my own experience can appreciate how relaxing have a day off in the middle of the week can be.

It was the Sundays off I never understood. It must have been habit or tradition, it wasn't reciprocity, that's for sure. Every picture I've ever seen of Jesus has him with long hair and a beard so it's not like he had his own barber back in the day. That actually increased my regard for barbers as a kid-they were nice when The Lord may not have been their biggest customer.

But back to this weekend that isn't a weekend business. I think if you're going to work one of more of the days of the weekend, you should seriously consider consecutive weekdays off as compensation. The locked place we stood in front of that sparked this whole train of thought (if a handcar can be considered a train and in a previous presidential administration, catsup was thought of as a vegetable, so why not) was closed because 'he's open on Sundays' the fellow sitting on the bench told me. I wondered why he wasn't closed on Sunday and open today (too) and the fellow patiently explained that there was little business traffic on Saturdays. Of course not-the guy is closed.

Who would go to a store that's closed? I suspect people who have no money to spend. And these days, the foot traffic alone could fill a shoe store. The only business that never seems to close is watching the man who squats behind the man who works the soft machine. So remember who you say you are and keep your noses, the baby's dead, my lady said. You gentlemen, you all work for me.
-bill kenny

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