Friday, September 17, 2010

Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N' Fruity Meets End Times

Sometimes Ruth is Stranger than Bridget. In a headline ripped from today's recycling bin, submitted for your inspection: "IHOP (the pancake-maker) sues IHOP (the prayer center) over trademark". If only P. T. Barnum could have lived to read the story. Am I more sensitive to this item than the average pancake connoisseur because we used to have an IHOP (flapjack palace) that has since shuffled off its mortal coil and french toast ? Yeah, guilty as charged.

It was about a decade or so ago that the World Wildlife Fund and the World Wrestling Federation, both of whom really liked WWF seemed bound and down for a courtroom date on who was the real Slim Shady. And then someone stood up and the other pulled up and both went their merry ways and peace now guides the planets (for the most part).

If you follow international headlines closely enough, you already know that there's a great deal of employment in the copyright protection field and I guess this is a similar situation with an all-American flavor (no restaurant reference intended). I'm sure reasonable people can arrive at an accommodation-and leave it to your discretion to decide who needs to be reasonable and when we should start talking turns.

"I saw a handsome parish lady make her entrance like a queen. Why she was totally chenille, and her old man was a Marine. As she abused a sausage pattie and said
why don't you treat me mean?" It seems we're all out of reasonable around here, Starbuck.
-bill kenny

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