Sunday, September 12, 2010

Economics 101

My wife shared yesterday in the course of nothing in particular 'do you know that late at night Sxxxtxxe shows porn?' I had to concede I had no idea and asked her if that meant I should start taking naps in the afternoon. After the briefest of pauses, she told me 'no.' I'm not sure if I should be insulted or relieved.

Her larger point was that she had assumed there were pay-per-view channels which 'handled that business' and, judging from the number of listings for The Spice Channel, that's a correct assumption (and you have to love 'I want to watch pornography, but my pornograph is broken').

To some extent the question might be when does winning Emmys and critical acclaim for Dexter, Weeds, the big C, or Nurse Jackie, stop paying the bills or is this foray into South of the Border reality TV an audience expanding tactic? My evil twin, Skippy, theorizes that for those who enjoy Kafka, the programming of The Spice Channel is a welcome respite from having to think too much (= thinking at all) and it's hard to argue with that logic.

Checking the Sxxxtxxe program guide, I discovered Tracey Ullman has a show, State of the Union (I don't get out much) and while she's no Asia Carrera (moment of zen: "I've performed original musical pieces in my movies" which, I'm sure is why men tune in) you probably don't need to take a cold shower after watching it.

If, in these times of tightened belts and fiscal restraints, your cable offerings are no more than basic, you cannot appreciate the deliciousness of the irony that has rough trade showing up in the same bandwidth as Deadwood or The Sopranos. With apologies to Nick Carraway, so NOT different are the rich from the rest of us.
-bill kenny

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