Sunday, November 4, 2012

Another Calendar Ambush

Over the weekend while many of my relatives, to include our son, were struggling in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy's visit to the East Coast, half a world away some of my favorite morons were getting together to paint and don really large 'kick me' signs, as they celebrated a "Day of Fighting the Global Arrogance" with a display of planned spontaneity that would  make a Young Republican's heart beat faster if a YR had a heart in the first place.

But to enjoy yesterday here's the context: on this date in 1979, angry Islamic students outraged at medical treatment their recently deposed  Shah was to receive in the United States of America seized our embassy in Tehran creating a hostage crisis that resulted in 444 days of captivity for fifty-two members of the staff.  

Take a good look at those 'celebrating' earlier in the week. Iran's public face is quite challenging to manage these days as the economic sanctions its political leadership have provoked through pointless international posturing and pouting, not to mention photoshopping (Adobe couldn't buy this kind of product placement) have turned a vibrant, prosperous nation into a lower-tier third world country. I suspect the Prophet would insist that their Supreme Leader has some 'splain' to do.  

Since every life form on this planet to include nation-states operates always from self-interest, I'm not sure what the Iranians think they've discovered about global arrogance and the USA. We didn't invent it, my friends, though we've gone a far piece in perfecting it. You should be very grateful we're so pre-occupied with ourselves because if we so chose, you'd be in worse shape than you are.

That we allowed the Iranian leader, Mahmoud  Ahmedinajad, to address the United Nations with yet another curious assortment of delusions and bad acid trip impressions masquerading as a world view instead of simply clapping his Holocaust denying ass in jail is NOT because we are great guys and gals.

Okay, some of us are, but not all that many, but we behave ourselves because unlike the Iranians (see embassy example cited above), we understand and abide by international agreements we have signed and in this case until the UN is situated on a garbage barge in the East River instead of on prime real estate beside it, Mahmoud can travel anywhere in these United States unimpeded and unmolested he desires as the Iranian head of state.In light of his domestic troubles, can't blame him for not spending a lot of time lounging around in downtown Tehran. Perhaps he should get a hobby to help pass the time.

I'm thinking he might try at his hand at movie criticism, as I can't imagine Argo will be hitting the big screens in his homeland anytime soon. Which is too bad, since unlike much of the Middle East both presently and historically, it has its lighter moments and close to a happy ending. Unlike Camus' The Stranger, which may be a more cautionary tale than anyone, including Albert, could ever believe.
-bill kenny       

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