Saturday, November 10, 2012

Not Exactly the Piper

It's better to be lucky than good. I should know as most of my adult life has been shaped and shaded by a moment of eye contact a very long while ago with a person I was to marry. Her feelings on luck and goodness may differ greatly from mine but your mileage, too, may vary.

We've had some crisp and brisk mornings in Connecticut this past week, to include a day in the middle of the week which ended in snow, disappointing all the kids who haven't yet gotten those sleds from Santa they've asked for. If I have my way they'll get plenty of opportunities to learn how keen disappointment builds character, if not downhill Olympic champions.

Yesterday morning's temperatures were close to freezing with some light winds, more like breezes and less like gusts. Let me quickly add it was a skosh warmer than Thursday had been, and Thursday had been a monstrously cold day.

Coming across a parking lot near where I work, hurrying from the gym in sweaty work out gear towards the office and, I hoped, a warm shower (I have that instead of a paper shredder; you should see if your work will let you have the same deal) I looked up and saw this, begging for my attention and willing to linger only until I had fumbled for the camera/phone and attempted to capture it.

I think I did. Cross fade to bright smile.
-bill kenny

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