Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's NOT Prince Spaghetti Day

 Every four years we have a revolution in this country-but many of us wouldn't know because it's velvet and not granite. Armed men do not seize power, though in recent years corporations have gotten close, and the armies of our nation stay in their barracks as we go to the polls to validate the direction in which we are headed or to change course. 

The decision to do one or the other, even when sometimes we strive to do one AND the other, is in your hands, as a registered voter in the most powerful democracy in the history of this planet. And we are not powerful because of our military or because of our technology or our natural materials but because of the resilience and ingenuity of  all of us who live here.

Across this country in the moments as this day began, people began casting ballots. In many states because of voter initiatives, millions of ballots were cast even before today. Such is the strength of our democracy that it is supple enough to bend without breaking to accommodate the e pluribus to accomplish the unum.

Now is as good a time as any to stop reading this and go, if you haven't already voted, to your designated polling place and vote as if our country and your life depended on it, because it may well be the case. Nothing else you do today will be half as important as taking the time and deciding to vote.

Every registered voter is the next link in the chain of free people who began in the dark of a day a long time ago with men such as Crispus Attucks and the patriots who did not run at Breed's (Bunker) Hill. In a half dozen nations around the globe right now, our fellow citizens, husbands and wives, sons and daughters are vouchsafing with their lives and sacred honor our right to cast a free ballot for a candidate of our choosing. So choose. Because if you don't choose, we all lose.

And if you don't like the choices you make today or feel as we move on that maybe we haven't made the right decision or in the right measure, we'll have this chance again and after that yet again. Our democracy never tires and never grows weary. It is forever new and forever there for all of us who are here now and those who will follow in our footsteps. Set an example and vote today.
-bill kenny 

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