Friday, November 16, 2012

So That's What It's All About?

I very much enjoyed my brother Adam's observations earlier this week on another cherished (by some, I guess) American evergreen after every Presidential election, the 'If you do not secede the first time, cry, cry again' exercise of poor sportsmanship that goes on largely unnoticed after every national election.

Adam, who has a life-time of experience in tolerating fools gladly growing up as he did in a target-rich environment, was, to my eyes, very restrained and reasoned. An example many of the sanctimonious sulkers might take as their own if they weren't obsessed with themselves, or as we used to suggest in the USAF, 'eaten up with the dumbass.'

I have never seen such a creature but my First Shirt assured me not only of its existence but that I was often perilously close to being consumed by it myself. As I spent eight years whetting the blade of the Sword of Freedom and never once encountered a single instance of prevarication or less than truth telling, I believe to this day in the authentic veracity of that man's beliefs.

I'll tell you who else I'm a big fan of, and especially of his hopefulness, David S. I'm less than enthralled with the official White House response, which leaves the proverbial 'something to be desired' usually expressed by all of today's hepcats and kittens as 'meh.'  Nevertheless, I am both encouraged by and optimistic for our Pilgrim's Progress as a nation.

When we can go from letter writing to King George beseeching him to remove his armed soldiers from homes to requesting of the most powerful man on earth that he begin the Hokey-Pokey on his right foot, we are closer to assuring Lincoln's dream that this nation shall not perish from the face of the earth. Because, "after all, that's what it's all about." (Sometimes that which is seen cannot be UNseen)
-bill kenny

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