Sunday, August 23, 2015

I Don't Know Jack.....

The heat wave under which many of us up and down the Eastern Seaboard sweltered for most of last week piqued my interest when I heard about Jack Bonneau, a pint-sized titan of entrepreneurial wizardry with a big dream and a thirst to succeed

I think my favorite part of the story is the ease with which he articulated exactly and specifically what he wanted. None of this ‘I want everyone to like each other’ or ‘I dream of world peace’ or some other very noble, warm and fuzzy ideal. Nope, not even close, Chewy; would you believe a Lego Death Star?  

The Free Enterprise Force is strong with this young one, that’s for sure. One lemonade stand could be an accident; two might be a coincidence, but when you start talking franchise, I’m thinking Mark Cuban and the crew with just a splash of Newman’s Own in the water of the Shark Tank.

You get to smile, just one more time and think to yourself ‘aww, that’s so cute;’ now pick up your pencils and write down today’s lesson: if you never think about the future, you won’t ever have one. 

And if nobody’s told you, that glass you’re holding? That is most definitely all the lemonade you can drink for a quarter. 
-bill kenny 

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