Tuesday, August 11, 2015

This Metaphor Tastes Just Like Chicken

Not that many weeks ago during a visit to one of the members of the small army of health care professionals whose efforts keep me alive, we had a discussion on placing a frog in a pot of boiling water vice a pot at room temperature which is then heated.

My point, I believe, was that we are infinitely physically and morally adaptable and malleable and can come to accept as a way of life and 'how things have always been' situations and circumstances that only a short time earlier (in relative terms) we would have vociferously howled against in protest and opposition.

His concern, as someone whose English is excellent but for whom it is a second language was in dismantling the premise of the statement rather than its conclusion and before we knew we were talking about the actual temperature of boiling water, how large a pot and how deep in terms of its sidewalls and the age and strength (and leaping ability) of the frog.

Knowing how he feels about the Affordable Care Act, from his perspective as a provider vice mine as a consumer, when he submitted to my insurance carrier his claim for compensation for my visit and got stiffed, again, in terms of his remuneration, I expect I can guess whom he blamed. And never wondered why it seemed so much warmer than when he opened the practice that morning.
-bill kenny

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