Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Always the Ugly Sheep

Every time I think we have to sit through all of this summer and most of the autumn to have the opportunity to vote, in all likelihood, for the lesser of Two Weasels, I throw up (just a little) in my own mouth. And not just because I'm a sore-loser Bernie Sanders supporter but because the choice of Clinton or Trump is that highly advertised one between cancer or polio. 

I've concluded, after having endured all the news and analysis ( = "let me inflict my particular point of view on you and speak in dogmatic tones that, magically and mystically, transforms my opinion into your facts") that this Election Day we are frighteningly close to getting exactly the kind of government we deserve. I do not pretend to be happy about that.  

Are we there yet? One major party candidate lies by telling selected parts of the truth while the other may be genetically incapable of recognizing the truth in any form at any time. This needs to stop before it goes any further. And it needs to stop now. 

Use the tools available online, fact check and others like it, or this one from vote.org.These aren't the only places to check, by any means, nor should any of them be the only measurement you employ to decide for whom to vote. But you need to choose; it's freedom OF choice, not freedom FROM choice

Instead, we are a heartbeat away from a mean-spirited demolition derby of a national election, which may be what many, but I hope not most, really want, because we need to focus on November 9th which is the day after this Bonfire of the Insanities and Vanities is extinguished.

All of the vindictive vitriol and tweet slogans masquerading as solutions  if that's what they ever were (but I doubt it) will have melted away by the dawn's early light, leaving us all to marvel that the sun does, indeed, come up and we have to make our peace with vox populi and its consequences. E Pluribus Unum and not WTFO. 

Who's going to repair the planet? Create real wealth for all instead of vapor trails in account ledgers? What about health-care and human rights or the politics of need versus greed? Do not tell me what 'we' need to do. Tell me how you will lead us so that we are going to do it. 

We kept saying to our parents, 'just you wait'. So far, so good. So what? 
All they wanted for us was the best and look at what we've settled for and what we are choosing to saddle unborn generations with. We are the only ones we can count on to help ourselves now, so let's begin today. Outside in the distance a wildcat did growl. Two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl.
-bill kenny

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