Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Heart's Here Upon My Sleeve

The old (and awful) joke goes “I had no shoes and was sad until I met someone who had no feet.” I tend to regard that as an anti-Nike advertisement but suspect they would feel differently. I think the takeaway from it is often, no matter how badly you think things are going for you, they are infinitely worse for one or more others. 

So if you had a rough start to your work week yesterday, or perhaps no start because you don’t have any employment or some other calamity has manifested itself in your life, consider for a moment the far-too-short life of Julianna Yuri Snow.

That a five-year-old could live, and die, with so much grace and dignity catches me up short every time I return to the CNN account of her passing.  If this paragraph about her funeral and the poster her grandfather made does NOT absolutely shatter your heart into pieces which skitter and scatter across the universe, I guess the good news is that you have no heart.

"Text from Julianna: Arrived in heaven! I am healed! Thank you for your love! Hope to see you in God's time," the poster read.
-bill kenny 

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