Thursday, June 23, 2016

Looks Like I'm Gonna Start All Over Again

In my dotage, at no extra charge, have also arrived aches and pains I can't do very much about except piss and moan. In the course of the last decade, I've one and a half of two knees replaced, an ankle rebuilt and now, for the last six or so months, and ache at the base of my spine that has caused the orthopedist to purse his lips in that thoughtful, worried way they do before adding zeroes to their medical bills (and if you have insurance, the carrier knocking many of them off).

The ache returned Saturday afternoon as part of a drive to New Haven, never the most pleasant outing in my house even when we take the "scenic route" as stated on the highway signs (including the scenic rotaries?) and I struggled to get comfortable behind the wheel.

Not so comfortable my snoring would wake the other passengers in the car, mind you, but so that I could concentrate on the task at hand on a busy weekend day on a busy roadway without the stabbing in my back distracting me.

I still have pills and refills I can take from doctor's visits back in March but I need so little encouragement to head in that direction in the first place, and take more than enough medication for other maladies in the second place so I'll rummage through my 'I may need this later' drawer next to my work desk to see if I can the cheat sheets that James, in physical therapy, gave me at the same time for stretching exercises that I mocked at the time he shared them but that really helped out (much to my surprise and not a little to my chagrin).

It's a fine line between yoga and Yoda. Erasing it, my job it is I think. Again.
-bill kenny

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