Monday, June 27, 2016

Baked Beans Are Off

If the convergence of various technologies has created the world in which most of us First Worlders live, then it has also created the equivalent of the encyclopedia salespeople knocking at our email doors.

And if I am a First Worlder (and I have my Starbucks membership card to prove it) and understand that huge portions of our globe are designated Third World (I think that means twenty-minute parking only), what or who are Second Worlders? And who tracks this stuff? When are the playoffs?

Anyway, my various email accounts have tons of unsolicited correspondence with everything ranging from various people, of both sexes, wanting to meet me at "Pinetops." I have no idea where or what Pinetops is but I think in a previous (or future?) life I was the Mayor.

There's also the usual barrage of sexual enhancement aids email leading me to suspect the sender is carpet bombings folks with email accounts as the products offered sometimes don't seem to be anything for which I might have a use.

I've been saving one in particular for some time now just to see if there might be some sort of an attempted follow-up. And sadly, "Olga" (she of the 'thousands of hot Russian girls want to have sex with you right now') you're not the one I've been holding on to.

It's Fakharuddin Manik (at the Disco? Perhaps) who believes I guess that brevity is the soul of clarity though his note is brief without being clear at all and reads: "Hello, Pls confirm the attachment and revert opinion. Thanks." Don't mention it. Why revert when you can dominate the rap, Jack?
-bill kenny

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