Saturday, October 1, 2016

End Times at Ridgemont High?

As if the spectacular absence of attractiveness when examining the choices for next President of the United States wasn't unsettling enough, we may have to be concerned about a conspiracy of the Cosmos that may signal our doom. I'm talking about news reports on the Black Moon Rising (and tell John Fogerty's lawyers to reread the sentence before talking about plagiarism).

Actually, perhaps we can now exhale since as I understand the story and even pulled a bit of the information from the linked site at Sign of the Times (which I thought was a wholly-owned subsidiary of the NY Times; different kind of signs as it happens), the feces, astrologically speaking, was supposed to hit the ventilator in the course of last evening. Testing 1, 2, 3.

It seems to me (though I can't claim it with 100% certainty) that we're all still here which is good news for those who'd purchased green bananas at the grocer's yesterday but maybe not so much for anyone who truly believed in the prophecies and was counting on something to keep from having to cough up the scratch to make that balloon payment on the credit card.

Still it's better than being left of west with the furies breathing down your neck.
-bill kenny

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