Saturday, October 15, 2016

Times and Manners of a Father and a Son

Me and mine are on the road today back to a place I've never been before, the last school in which my father taught, in central New Jersey as the school and its alumni honor him.

It is beyond most kind that they would do this and I'm hoping to see brothers and sisters I'm rumored to still have of whom I see less than others often because of schedules and the push and pull of other-directed events and circumstances.

My father and I had a complicated and complex relationship while he was alive and I've spent a lot of the last three-plus decades since his passing trying to make my peace with it, with varying amounts of success.

I've encountered in the course of my days many of his former students who are effusive in their praise for him and realize, again, each of us is an actor playing many different roles in this drama called life.

When my curtain falls, I hope to have a greater appreciation if not awareness of all the people I was expected to be and to be able to forgive both myself (most especially) and others for all trespasses committed, real and otherwise.
- bill kenny

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