Thursday, May 25, 2017

Bright Lights in a Dark Place

The Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, United Kingdom, should have been a memorable night for her and her fans. And it was, for all the most horrible reasons.  

Despite the torrent of reports about the attack and the aftermath, even as the search for victims continues and the hunt for those responsible intensifies, there are no words to console those who lost a loved one to yet another senseless act of impotent and indiscriminate violence so I won’t even try.

Instead I will mention Chris Parker and Steve Jones, men of the moment who at the instant they were needed to help, in every way and in any way they could amidst the carnage and the chaos, did all that they could and more.

When the last of the hate-filled horrors masquerading as humans who inflict death and destruction on innocents has finally been caged or killed and all evidence of their evil existence has been wiped from the earth, we shall speak of Parker and Jones and selflessness.

How even in the darkest moment, they were points of light shining to show us the way.
-bill kenny   

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