Sunday, May 21, 2017


I ended up suddenly with a new cell phone earlier last week. It was last weekend I figured out, almost by myself except for my son and daughter helping, that I had a really teeny-tiny memory card on my cell phone and that I, and the phone, would be better off with a bigger one.  

Off to Memories R Us where I purchased a new card and put in it the phone all by myself, eventually, after understanding how to transfer what was already on the tiny memory card to the new one so that when I swapped them out, everything would be swell. So pleased was I that I sent my son a text to tell him I had swapped out the one GB card for a sixteen. His response puzzled me: 'since it's almost time for a new phone, that should be fine.' 

I pondered that line for some time. I had (note the past tense of the verb) a Note 4 whose capabilities far exceeded my expectations, and, to be honest, my capabilities as well. It allowed me to make phone calls (I have the phone for my convenience, not yours), take pictures and listen to music. Anything and everything beyond that was gravy. It came with a stylus I never even used.

And now I never shall. At some point in the morning Monday, the phone stopped working completely, never to function again. I was, truth to tell, really looking forward to this July and NOT having that monthly installment payment on the phone bill paying off the phone but I suppose I'll reset my sights on July of 2019 now and hope, as I always do, the phone expires before I do.   
-bill kenny

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