Monday, May 22, 2017

Your Move, Hallmark

We could be so much smarter if we used the internet to do something other than take and send pictures of ourselves eating food or cats (that is, pictures of cats; I think pictures of someone eating cat might put the permanent kibosh on taking pictures of what we are eating), but because we are creatures endowed with free will, we choose not to become smart.

At least I don't (so far).
I'm six and half decades along on this ride and remain dumber than a box of rocks, not said with pride but, rather, with a keen sense of my own very real limitations. So I try to use the voluminous information available to me via the world wide web but have discovered I am working on draining an ocean of information with a teaspoon, meaning some of settling of contents in shipment may occur (most of mine have settled just above my belt).

Here's some "I did not know that" just for today: Today is National Vanilla Pudding Day; on a more serious note (as all the lesser ones were sort of already taken), it's also National Maritime Day (where all nautical gifts should be on sail; didja see what I did there <==? Oh, you did). And today, most fittingly (don't ask) is also National Buy a Musical Instrument Day.

I can tell from the sharp intake of breath that you are amazed at my adroitness and ability (or you have asthma, which also starts with an "A"), but you needn't be. Just click here, and sign up for the National Day Calendar, and you'll (almost) always be in the loop and before you mock me for finding something like that, let's remember which one of us clicked on the link, last.

That whole stone casting guidance applies whether we have rainy day women or not. And let a smile be your umbrella if you want to gargle snow. However, and  I appreciate the efforts of calendarists everywhere to keep me current, I still had to find out for myself that today is World Goth Day (pause for effect).

As the site itself notes, I have to assume enthusiastically and with fervor, "The party is NOT over yet, either..." At least not until someone large sings and with this crowd, that's not going to happen.
-bill kenny

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