Saturday, May 6, 2017

No Need to Be Coy, Roy

Jimmy Cannon, who made a career writing brilliantly about professional boxing (calling it the 'red light district of sports') and who authored a marvelous though now intermittently out of print book, Nobody Asked Me, But..." once opined that 'a rabid sports fan boos a TV set.'

Perhaps. But then you have Tom McDonald (e-I-e-I-oh) and Roy Riegel, though I guess it's actually a lot more Tom than Roy, especially at this point in their relationship. In the dog days of August when your baseball team's playoff chances are circling the bowl remember Roy has already gone where no man has gone before, though technically it's Tom who was really doing the going thus making Roy's journey possible.

As someone who bought an Amazon Firestick specifically so that he could watch live Bundesliga action early on Saturdays and Sundays (because the USA rights are held by Fox Sports and watching MLS makes my stomach hurt), far be it from me to cast aspersions or asparagus on what another sports fan does or doesn't do and with and for whom.

Even in one-sided games, FC Bayern versus just about anyone else in the first division or RB Leipzig gegen Schwester Tomas und die kleinen Kinder aus dem Waisenhaus, I wouldn't dream of changing the station. Those big red foam fingers I have on both hands make it really hard to push any of the buttons on the remote.
-bill kenny

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