Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Judge a Craftsman by His Tools

I'm going to cheat (twice) on you in a single sentence; actually 'alt-fact' you might be a better and more in-tune with the times turn of phrase. Here goes: This is the most amazing thing I have read all week. It's oh-bright-early Tuesday and let's safely assume I wrote this at some point Monday so just how dramatic and sweeping a pronouncement is the one I made to start this paragraph, really?

Depends on how big you think voter fraud was last November when the losing candidate for the office of President received almost three million more popular votes than the person who won the Electoral College vote. How do you feel about Frederick Douglass, the Bowling Green Massacre, or how POTUS 45 has been 'treated worse or more unfairly in history'?

If you are related to or know anything about, Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and/or Kennedy, perhaps your reactions shouldn't count here in the brave new world beyond the pleasure dome where it's every man for himself and every woman should mind her place.

Me? Well, you already know I'm no fan of Donnie Dorito but I am tired of fellow-travelers who dislike him and think somehow excoriating the people who voted for him will simply change their minds on the choice they made in November. It's not so much not only 'ain't gonna happen,' as it is magical thinking. I do, however, take some solace in a quote from Alexander Hamilton who, two centuries before Trump, called him out.

Unless and until the audiences Halpern's article speaks about experience the strain and pain of betrayal and/or are made to pay the cost of their misplaced trust, we will continue to have at least Two Americas who speak AT but rarely TO one another.

Perhaps if the sons and daughters of those who voted for Mr. Trump were caught in a classic Trump Trap like this one, we could have a dialogue. Maybe this will be the straw that breaks the back of patience and forbearance but I wouldn't put a lot of money on that bet.

As long as the Effetes and Elites are pitted against the Adorable Deplorables we'll all just continue to run to the nearest barricade for our side and hurl invective and abuse at one another while the late, great United States dissolves into three hundred million plus Republics of Me. By then it'll be too late for talk and anyway we won't be able to hear one another over the noise.
-bill kenny

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