Thursday, January 27, 2011

Everyone's Shadow is the Same Color

I'm aware of SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, and wonder in light of my current frame of mind if the National Institutes of Health has also designated CRANKED as part of the entire genre. Sure wish they would. If things keep going, my yet-to-be-named defense lawyer may really need to lean on it to keep me out of the Big House.

Actually Drama King that I am, in reality, my life is about the same as yours-I just whine a lot more plaintively. In my house in recent days we've had one of those sort-of-a-cold-but-you-can't-seem-to-kick it things that gives you a stuffed head as you get ready to go to bed after having been able to breathe clearly for most of the day.

Nothing my wife has in her apotheke will cure it and some patent medicines seem to actually annoy whatever it really is. Each of us has taken turns having it and just as you almost get rid of it, you catch it again. I'm predicting we'll each visit our primary health care provider who will carpet bomb with Zithromax or Mad Max, whichever one is available as generic with a happy ending to follow until the next time.

Probably the same at your house, if your house is located in that part of the USA which has been nature's punching bag for weird and unwelcome weather in recent weeks-we're already starting to look for signs of spring here in Norwich, Connecticut even though experience and the calendar tell us we have weeks and inches of unmelted snow to go. We wouldn't be human if we didn't see the upside to bad weather (and the upside is that it ends eventually).

I'm having an easier time of it since the other day I stumbled across an enterprising retailer setting up a (wait for it) patio furniture display just down the aisle from where he's been stacking up the Valentine's Day candy in recent weeks. All hail retail say the pundits but first get
Punxsutawney Phil on line two because I have the mother of all endorsement deals percolating and anticipating.

Of course, despite the temps and the weather, for merchandisers it's almost summer-we just finished the Christmas season. The stores have to sell something and if hope for better days to come looks a lot like glass topped furniture and wicker chairs, then I say make the most of it! The days rush by and for some of us they can't pass quickly enough. By the time we get to Memorial Day, we'll already have stopped wearing white after Labor Day. SOS texted from a cell phone, please tell me I'm not the only one that thinks
we're taking ourselves too seriously. As if that were even possible....
-bill kenny

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