Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thoughts of You Warm My Bones

There's far too much of 2011 to go to already be defeated by the scale and scope of what could be. I mention this because I ran into someone yesterday morning (when the year was still in the single digits in terms of hours old) who was already fretting about how things he has yet to do may turn out and how he might never be able to compensate for misses of shots he hasn't taken.

It's hard to jolly up someone who's that committed to being sad, it really is; and one of the things I've promised myself for this year is to stop wasting my (finite) energy on helping those who do not wish to be helped. I came home after encountering this Eeyore type person and caught up, via Facebook, with a Norwich neighbor and his wife as their baby (only days old) was facing a health challenge. I was struck by the upbeat tone of his typed words on the screen as he shared his concerns.

He and she expected only one outcome and in the course of the day that proved to be the case and I smiled, reading his update later, thinking about how blessed that little one is to be raised in a family with a relentless sense of optimism about what tomorrow and the day after tomorrow may hold. There is a difference between seizing the day and embracing it and everything that comes with it, good and bad. Perhaps this should be the year we each make it a point to find that out for ourselves. Let's get lost, me and you-an ocean and a rock is nothing to me.
-bill kenny

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