Friday, January 14, 2011

Virtue is Its Own Reward

Across large expanses of the Northeast and places not so used to seeing snow Wednesday, much less BOXCARS of it, many of us had the opportunity for random acts of kindness and of acts other than kindness. The fellow from Florida who lives in the next house over from us discovered owning a four-wheel drive Jeep and knowing how to drive it are two very distinct concepts. From what I saw, he's a bridge too far on the latter.

It was interesting following the Wall to Wall Weather Watch on Every Station (complete with way cool graphics and what may have been customized sounders for station IDs) to realize all the political chatter about red states and blue states quieted when everyone became a white state (Jack, not New, London would have been proud).

It was quiet here in The Nutmeg State (do they call Nevada 'The T & A State' or New Jersey 'The Sleeps with the Fishes State'?) especially since our new governor, Dannel P. Malloy (still has that 'new governor' smell) had urged anyone who didn't need to be on the roads to stay off them. Not that we listened-what fun would that be?

So off many of us sped to businesses and stores that were either opening very late or not at all so we could add to the muttering and cluttering going on everywhere because an estimated eighteen inches to two feet (in some places) of snow ain't nothin' unless/until you have cars and trucks barreling past you with uncleared snow on the roof, hood and trunk with peepholes on the windscreens front and back for your viewing pleasure. It was easy to spot the snowmen among us as they were the ones with the snow balls.

Jerry across town, was out early and often clearing his sidewalk as well as those of his neighbors and over in our part of town, Eric prowled the street with his snow thrower at the ready to help keep people one fallen flake in front of the ongoing blizzard. Passing cars that got stuck in kick panel deep snow were pushed, pulled, and prodded by anyone who was out shovelling sidewalks to get them back on their way, but it wasn't all love and peace, man.

It only takes one, unless you're in Middletown, where we double down and pass the dutchie from the left hand side. Almost something out of Dick Tracy's Crime Stoppers (in this case they stop themselves). It appears the doobie brothers are cross country devotees; and while some like to fly and some like to sail, some like the downhill stuff.
-bill kenny

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