Monday, March 21, 2011

I Don't Mind the Sun Sometimes

Last week was Sunshine Week, no particular SPF was needed or recommended, but, in truth, every week should be Sunshine Week. If you're not seeing the level of transparency in your government (national, state or local), you need to speak up until joined by neighbors and friends who'll speak out to get it changed. When silence equals consent, too much has been surrendered.

This morning at nine, in the Rose City Senior Center on Mahan Drive it's a regular (I guess) meeting of the Senior Affairs Commission who last met in October of last year (they usually break, it seems, from November though March).

At 7:30, is a regular meeting of the City Council in City Hall and I'm delighted to see Children First Norwich on the agenda for a presentation (I'd hope) on what they do and how they're doing at it. Of course, having a website that does some/part or all of that would be nice too, but I can't have everything it seems. Speaking of which, I very much like the proposal to close off the connector street between Washington and Broadway that gets abused a lot by people as a shortcut, to facilitate the expansion of Monument Park (which is and which will always (sadly) be, needed.

I'd suggest for the Council's consideration, in keeping with idea of remembrance, working with the Public Safety Director, consider eliminating ALL parking on Washington Street that borders the Chelsea Parade. Almost fifteen years ago, two children were struck and killed by an automobile on Washington Street as they attempted to cross the street. At the time a lot of fine words were said about making the Parade safer for everyone, but nothing was done for anyone. This might be the moment to repair that omission.

Tuesday afternoon at three-thirty, in their basement conference room in the Central Office (across from the Norwichtown Green), it's a regular meeting of the Norwich Public Schools Board of Education Policy Committee. Later, at five, in the City Manager's Office (Room 219) in City Hall it's the Harbor Management Commission whose most recent meeting was in January, judging from the minutes.

And at six, in their offices at 16 Golden Street, it's a regular meeting of the Board of (Norwich) Public Utilities Commissioners. While also at six, in Room 335 of City Hall (= sit ALL the WAY Up Front if you want to hear anything), it's a special meeting of the Commission on the City Plan (Plan of Conservation and Development Subcommittee). They will also meet Wednesday evening, again at six and again in Room 335, for a second special meeting.

Wednesday, head for the Planning Department's conference room in the basement of 23 Union Street as there are back to back meetings, starting at 5:30 with the Reid & Hughes Committee followed at six thirty by the 751 North Main Street Committee (if we moved the former to the latter, we could have one less meeting).

In between, at six, in the Recreation Department building near Dickenman Field (across from the tennis courts) it's a regular meeting of the Recreation Advisory Board, who are undoubtedly well on their way to planning the Summer of 2011 Activities.

At seven, in their facilities on New London Turnpike, it's a regular meeting of the Golf Course Authority. Also at seven in their offices at 77 Main Street, the Norwich Community Development Corporation, NCDC, hosts a public hearing on the refinements and suggestions still being accomplished on the downtown economic development bond passed last November. It will be very fast, as I read the agenda, since it happens at "Mach 23" (sic; I live in a glass house and have no money for curtains.).

Oh bright early Thursday morning, 7:30 to be exact, in the NCDC offices that are probably still at 77 Main Street from the night before, it's a regular meeting of the NCDC Board of Directors. It seems like just yesterday Jeff and I would rail about the lack of public information about this organization and look at them now, sniffle. (Sorry. I promised I wouldn't get emotional.)

Thursday afternoon at five are a pair of meetings, both in City Hall. The Volunteer Firefighter Relief Fund Committee meets in a special meeting in Room 209 while in Room 319, the Historic District Commission will meet 'promptly' it says here (as opposed to some other way on some other day, I guess).

And Saturday morning at nine, in the Central Firehouse, it's an informational meeting and workshop with the Board of Education and the City Council on the 2011-2012 budget(s). I'm coming prepared to listen to reason-I'm hoping all the participants are coming to be reasonable. I always end up with a bad taste in my mouth."You never know just how you look through other people's eyes."
-bill kenny

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