Sunday, March 6, 2011

Like, what does like, like mean, Y'know?

It's official, I like Offenbach. Or at least I did last night on Facebook. While my wife and daughter were going to see David Cassidy at one of the casinos last night I was liking the hell out of Offenbach and I never even got near the Main River.

I know. You're going 'hey! he didn't make fun of David Cassidy. Is he sick?' Nope. Just trying to be a kinder and gentler me. Plus, what's left to mock anyway? Have you seen what he looks like these days? You thought Danny Bonaduce was sad, nope not even close. Danny's broken;Dave is way beyond that. But that's okay. Maybe he woke up this morning- well, you can probably guess how he woke up this morning. What level of Dante's Inferno is singing somebody else's songs, forty years after they were hits, do you suppose and what do you have to have done to end up there? (How about the guys in the band? What did they do? No idea.)

Anyway, back in Offenbach-I have no idea what liking the city is supposed to mean or prove. It's like any number of 'fan pages'. I get confused as to what I'm supposed to be doing. Take as an example the "People Who Don't Like Other People Should Be Clubbed" Fan Page, and there may well be just such a page by the end of the day. If you agree with the sentiment, you should click 'like' I guess, even though that means you don't get along with other people so you should unlike it, right? Or you could be one of the people getting clubbed, unless you like that....

Okay-try this again. How about the People Who Like People :) page not to be confused with the People Who Like People page or the other page I liked last night the I Like People Who "Like" My Status page. I think the most amazing thing about all three of these pages (and the eighteen hundred kabillion million others just like 'em) is we could use all this technology, convergence and communal intelligence to achieve critical mass on the important issues facing our planet and triumph or we can harvest all the corn on our Farmville and get enough coins to get sixty acres and a mule and a half. Now that I like!!
-bill kenny

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