Thursday, March 10, 2011

The New AA

And by "A Squared" I'm talking about Absolutely Awesome. I know, you were thinking I meant something else and it sure would explain a lot, wouldn't it? Except no such luck, at least in this life; but lift your head up high and take a walk in the sun. I just found those--I may have last heard 'the old philosopher' a half century ago (I think it was something my dad listened to on the car radio though I could not tell you where or in what context).

The Old Philosopher was somebody named Eddie Lawrence, not that I knew that at the time or remembered it if I knew it. Actually, all I remembered was 'never give up, never give up....the ship' and in the course of many monologues, he called people 'bunky' (which always reminds me of John Irving's The World According to Garp, "Bonkie bit Garp" which, in turn, reminds me of Charlie C who was my dad's boss who called his youngest son, John, 'Bon-Bon" and no one who wanted to keep working for the Chuckmeister ever asked what that was all about).

Phew! Should've eaten your Wheaties, eh? I'm not sure where any of that came from. What I started out to pass along is today is the International Day of Awesomeness about which, truth be told, I would normally care about less than a fried rat's hindquarters on toast except life imitating art, months ago, someone with whom I Facebook (not sure I like FB as a verb) had a status update of "making awesome happen" which resonated with me for reasons I still cannot explain (or understand).

The notion of being an exclamation instead of an explanation makes perfect sense for some, though maybe not for all of us, except as a goal. You don't have to get to awesome everyday (who among us has that kind of strength, not even SF Sorrow), but you should have to want to get there or why else be here at all?

The FB page about today leaves your manner of celebration and observation pretty wide open, unless you're Chuck Norris, of course (I know Chuck Norris, not the, but rather, a) and that's good since I suspect awesomeness comes in a variety of shades and shapes. And we need to act decisively and with dispatch as this moment doesn't happen every night, though, I suppose, there's no reason why it couldn't and shouldn't. The moment is about to arrive, be in it.
-bill kenny

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