Friday, March 18, 2011

Is anybody out there?

Today is the day every one has been talking about for months, if not moments. Okay, some of us have been talking about it only to ourselves but that's fine, since today is National Talk to Yourself Day. And if we've known each other for more than two minutes, you are well within your rights to suspect I may celebrate this every day, and, dammit Janet, I do.

This is not a shocking revelation as I owned up to it, publicly (or as publicly as whatever this is considered to be) some years back and so far, no one has attempted to place me under arrest though my development has lagged for years. From what I can figure out after studying the event page that alerted me to this, there's not a lot of scheduled activities which is good what with the weekend coming on and all.

I think a marching talking loudly band might be nice or perhaps we could persuade the Blue Angels to offer us a missing tongue formation as part of their talk-over to start the festivities. I'm wondering if anyone has invited the Governor (I can think of a former one who's probably free unless the Russians are celebrating Национальная беседа к себе день as well but maybe she can still squeeze us in.

And assuming he's back from rehab for keeps (though how would I know), perhaps we could get Marshall to say a few appropriate words, though I know he's much better at the inappropriate ones-if we're really lucky, it would only be a few words. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, Happy National Talk to Yourself Day.
-bill kenny

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