Tuesday, March 12, 2013

For the Other Side of the Sky

Today is my wife's birthday. Sigrid is remarkable because she is a force of nature as much as my wife. I am not, as you may have already imagined from any visits to this page, the easiest person with whom to share the planet, much less a life and a bed.

She is my human credential in the sense that she creates and sustains a life for me and our children which  allows me to put on this 'Hail Fellow, Well Met! Man of the World" artifice every morning, give my time to total strangers all day and return home at night to be the person I intended to be when we fell in love.

I will never have enough money, talent, good lucks or any of the conventional advantages and attributes to give to her all that she deserves. She doesn't care and she never did. That she has chosen to be the most important part of my life is the only thing that matters to me and as long as she is in my life, my life is complete and fulfilling. Happy birthday, angel eyes.
-bill kenny      

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