Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's Been a Long, Cold, Lonely Winter

If you're just reading this and you think it's early Sunday, it may be later than you think. While you were out, be it cold, be it cutting a rug or working a swing shift, we have leapt forward here in North America (void where taxed or prohibited by law) and at oh dark early this morning returned Daylight Savings Time to the vernacular.

I'm not sure why we do it early on Sundays-what would be so terrible about a Friday afternoon at four suddenly becoming five? Good night, Everybody! And have a great weekend. Instead we do one of those 'say! isn't that Elvis over there riding a bike?' MOVE THE CLOCK FORWARD maneuvers.

For a while, whether winter is now finally in retreat in the Northeast or not, what we'll have is more daylight in the afternoons. I'm a big fan of daylight, period; unless/until I'm trying to sleep then I like it dark as, well, as dark as night (really thought that was going somewhere; need to contact Simile School and ask about their refunds policy).

Having the time is one thing-doing something with it is something else. I'm not going to lecture or hector because your mileage may vary but there are people and projects in need of your time and talents, be it on your street, neighborhood, city or state. Consider it an exercise in bread upon the waters and unless you're expecting soggy rye to show up on the shoreline, the return on the investment, from reading to a child in the local library, helping an elderly neighbor grocery shop or just visiting someone who's a shut-in will benefit more people than of whom we can conceive in our poor imagination.

Outshine the sun. Start today and fall through like change in the daylight. It's alright.
-bill kenny

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