Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Lion or the Lamb

We've lived in New England for over twenty years. I recognize when I look out my front windows those are pine trees and not palm trees but please cut a nearly decrepit aged gentleman some slack when I tell you that by this, the second week of March, I am so over winter it is no longer even vaguely amusing.

Our winter storm started out earlier in the week as Saturn somewhere in the Mid West or perhaps Middle East. What a hoot that would be, right? Eighteen inches of snow in Damascus. Might cool off that revolutionary fervor just a skosh and allow cooler heads, literally as well as figuratively, to try and calm things down, Of course then everybody would fight over lift tickets, ultimately blaming Israel and the Zionist Occupation Government of the United States (of course), so maybe not a good idea.

Anyway. By the time it got here, the storm was called David. I think in honor of International Women's Day yesterday it should have had the name, perhaps, of a woman scorned which could have explained its winds but it didn't and yet it still had some fierce ones.

Thursday which was the advertised day of its arrival was pretty uneventful. Things started to get stupid Thursday evening close to supper time and when I got up early Friday morning (nothing like a couple of trips to the hospital to convince you sleep is over-rated) it was sleeting tending and trending to snow.

It got there by about eight o'clock and stayed for quite some time, far longer than anyone I know had wanted or needed. Don't know about your weekend, but a lot of us around here had some severe changes of plans as Friday wore on and here it is Saturday, and the best I can do is make my joke about pine trees and palm trees as the temperatures slowly warm. Leno will love me. Especially if I come on looking the way I feel:

"And the snow is coming down on our New England town."

-bill kenny

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