Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Doubt Without an Exit

We've had a remarkable run of superlative weather here and about in The Land of Steady Habits and I hope where you are as been all blue skies and green lights as well, though if otherwise aside from suggesting relocation (Guantanamo is quite lovely this time of year, just avoid the orange jump suits), there's not a lot I can do (except sympathize). 

This has definitely NOT been the summer of discontent though it scares the dickens out of me every time I check a world news summary and realize the depths to which we are capable of descending in how we treat one another (which is another thing over which I have no control). 

As the old joke goes, I've gotten so upset reading about the sad shape we're in I've stopped reading newspapers. I still put some down around the high traffic areas just in case... While browsing vice carousing the other day, I came across an arresting visual made more so by the choice of expression in only black and white.

I borrowed from the words of the artist who offered the image, Jose Bandiera, who shared he "worked at rollercoaster driving and other arts" for today's title because it's difficult for me to say which impressed me more-the visual capture of his concern or the expressiveness of the language he used to ensnare the image. 

In either case, something I found differently delightful and delightfully different to share with you. Enjoy. 
-bill kenny

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