Friday, August 16, 2013

When Monkeys Fly

I have very accomplished brothers and sisters-not in the communal sense of the word but the familial. One of my brothers, Kelly, came thisclose, we believe, to being elected Pope despite being married, having children and grandchildren. 

Or perhaps because of all of that. That God, what a joker! 

Had Kelly been elected Pope, I think we might have seen NECCO wafers at Holy Communion, a prize wheel as part of Pick Your Own Penance and Holy Mother Church would have a whole new growth industry in models for stained glass windows at all the leading cathedrals in our franchises around the world. 

And if you think Joan of Arc was a tough act to follow, meet Don/Dawn/Done.

Somewhere what's ever left of the Four Seasons are investigating copyright infringement. It will be of no avail or Valli though Steven Tyler senses a promotional push unlike anything Aerosmith has seen since hooking up with Run DMC. 
-bill kenny

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