Sunday, August 4, 2013

Not the Droid I'm Looking For

Took a step backward technologically over the weekend to preserve what's left of my sanity, at least I hope so. I'm not hard on mobile phones-realizing you'll have to take my word on this-or not-I'm really not. And yet, having said that I'm working on my third Android phone, a Droid X.

The good news for Motorola, who makes the Droid phone, is that I will not be getting a fourth one. I put the one I (used to) use back in the box it came in yesterday after returning from my hike to and from the Taftville Volunteer Fire Department and my house where, in the space of five hours, I went through the entire completely charged battery, and never even used the phone.

Wasn't much else to do after having a sad heart and red behind. My other thought was to bury the phone in the back yard. It and I have NOT been getting along in recent weeks as it ate my last three installs of Slacker in rapid order (I love music so I take Slacker very seriously; the Droid was on thin ice for that shenanigan) was truculent when I tried to use it to take and post pictures and was generally as big a screw-up as I am. 

Our son, Patrick, put my Blackberry 9620 back in service for me. It's not sexy-it doesn't have a kajillion apps but it works. Functional is sexy. Which partially explains my problem as I haven't been functional in years (and now I only have to be present 32 hours a week). The Blackberry is short, squat, has an actual keyboard and, in terms of processor power, probably doesn't have enough brains to come in out of the rain. 

But it works and that's why I no longer worry about a Droid I'm not looking for.
-bill kenny

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