Saturday, August 24, 2013

Leather Trumps Skid Marks

We've all seen the "Share the Road with Motorcycles" bumper stickers and billboards, etc.. At the risk of being (correctly) perceived as snarky, I'd note at this juncture that in my years driving a four-wheeled motor vehicle I'm doubtful if many motorcyclists have seen the ad campaign. 

I'm sure I am being mean and unkind. That is to say, when I'm not driving on the interstate or the main drag in my town, every single motorcyclist observes each and every rule of the road fully and completely. Probably (if I were honest) to the same extent that I do. 
Ha, ha! I just crack myself up. 

I admit I could be a little jealous of motorcyclists. I have trouble riding a bike, that old saw about learning to ride one not withstanding and a motorcycle is well beyond my reach and grasp in terms of balance, attention and coordination. 

But as someone who watches them whiz by him on a daily basis, I concede to no small amount of envy of the freedom of the road they have, though not on rainy or snowy days, but then again the amount of protective clothing and safety gear they need to wear would seem to be both constrictive and restrictive. And, sadly, necessary. 

Though perhaps not all the time
If there had been a second bare-chested motorcyclist, the pair would have had to ride behind one another because no state in the Union allows cyclists to ride two abreast. 

See previous 'I crack myself up' observation. 
-bill kenny

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