Thursday, August 22, 2013

Three Foot Rope and a Six Foot Drop

There are optical illusions-information your eyes provide that your brain incorrectly processes. The oasis in the dessert that proves to be nothing more than the reflection of sun off the sand is well-known. 

In an environment where image retouching is ubiquitous and universal and Photoshop is more commonplace than coke spoons in a Pepsi plant, you have the digital manipulation of imagery and its sometimes failure to also filter through.

Probably just me, but how ironic is it a culture which among those innovations and customs it helped give the rest of the world were Arabic numbers they themselves failed to successfully use to count to three, or 3 or III. 

And then you have this-something your eyes read and your brain REFUSES to comprehend. Jingles 51, I'm not sure bungee cords wouldn't be even more appropriate. 

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