Saturday, November 2, 2013

20/20 Hindsight

I am trying to understand the Republican Party or at least that portion of its membership wandering the halls of Congress. I have all my shots and agree with the adage, 'lie down with dogs and get up with fleas,' but still I'm sad.

Led by a self-aggrandizing junior Senator from Texas, they took this country to the brink and beyond of fiscal and moral bankruptcy (and, as it turns out gave me and mine sixteen days of paid vacation I didn't ask for or earn-not that I'm offering to give the money back) over what they called "Obamacare" which doesn't actually exist because it's called the Affordable Care Act.

They blinked and lost the battle though based on the troubles is having just staying up it seems had they shut up they'd have advanced their own cause and yet, Republicans is as Republicans does...can't see the Forrest for the Gump.

Now, they're having hearings because they're outraged, I tell you, o-u-t-r-a-g-e-d, over how spectacular and epic the failure of the government's web portal for Affordable Care, the aforementioned has been when exposed to the light of day. Huh?

You'd think they'd be thrilled. Gloating and strutting-and they are, but they are lecturing and feigning a degree of concern I really didn't think the Koch Brothers had budgeted for when they bought this lot. To me, all the theater on TV and you know it's theater when Faux Gnus covers it live because those prehensile cretins never allow anything whose outcome they don't already control to slither on to their news set.

But there we all are, eating it up with a spoon. You go ahead and squirm Kathleen Sibelius-that sound you hear is the bus under which your President has thrown you. If you think, Madame Secretary (heh-heh, I said Madame), more than a handful of the stuffed shirts in the front of the room know how to even turn a computer on, well, perhaps that's a line of inquiry best left for another time.

The United States is thisclose to finally having universal affordable care and the website doesn't work. If that's the biggest problem we can exhale now. Here's what it comes down to and please, Kathy, Barry asks you pretend you didn't know this when we exit the hearing, okay? 

I think the computer mouse in the lower right corner is a nice touch, don't you? And while Dylan suggested 'nothing is revealed' I think perhaps that's a little too hasty this time around, #4.

If we ever make hindsight an Olympic event, there will not be enough room on the medals podium for all the folks to receive their honors, but that's proof in and of itself of the concept since when that happens the rest of us can turn to one another and say, "I knew that would happen, Bang and Blame, it's all the same."
-bill kenny

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