Monday, November 18, 2013

This Is Entirely Jeff's Fault

I have reached an age where I've decided I like my standard of living but am no longer in love with having to do what I do for a living to maintain it. I know, "welcome to the human race."

But still, perhaps like you, I sometimes imagine myself in another job, somewhere else (only briefly glimpsed in a moment of reverie) doing amazing things for large sums of money and not feeling guilty about any of it. Suspect none of those idle daydreams compares to this recruiting advert Jeff shared.

I'm puzzling over the turn of phrase 'well-equipped' since I think a saw a road sign back there for Double Entendre  (just beyond the cul de sac) though the notion of being 'a credible voice for reason for nude recreation in the Americas' does sound quite like the challenge I've been looking for.

Of course, in my case, some contents may have shifted and settled in transit and handling, making me a poster child for 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' for those with whom I would be attempting to work; I may well get a cease and desist request from PETA citing frightened turtles.

Aside from some (painfully obvious) limitations, I think either Jeff or I could actually qualify for this position. I'm not where we'd keep our wallets with the business cards but that's only a small matter of concern. Of course, we'd go broke buying suntan oil but not as quickly as those around us from buying dark glasses.
-bill kenny

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