Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Today's Four Letter Word

Our polls open at six this morning and close at eight tonight. I imagine yours are about the same. Don't buy the hype about 'it's just a municipal election.' Yes, getting to vote for the President, Senators and Congressmen/women, is all so exciting I almost always want to smoke a cigarette after I do (and I gave that habit up seventeen plus years ago). And I'll concede the rush of voting for Governor, State Senators and state House Representatives does rival some other activities that I recall fondly but we are at the point where the road and the sky collide.

The President cannot get the streetlight in front of my house fixed (mine work, but such as it is, that's my example). The Governor will listen sympathetically to my tale of woe about the paving on So and so Boulevard, but all the heavy lifting to get bulbs replaced or asphalt spread in my town happens with the neighbors I choose today for tomorrow.

And that's how it works where you live and if it doesn't you need to change or move, whichever works for you. I may not like your choices and wouldn't be surprised to discover you cannot stand mine, but we don't have to. We're not choosing the King or the Queen of the Prom today just the people who most immediately impact, positively or negatively, our quality of life.

Our parents used to say 'you get along by going along' so you need to get along and find your polling station and cast your ballot if not upon the waters than in a machine, a ballot box or a scanner. We've done a lot of talking about what's wrong since the flood waters started to recede and I for one think what with the end of Daylight Savings and all that it's high time for doing.

So stop reading and start deciding which side you're on and how we can make where we live better. It all begins with a ballot, so vote. Thanks.
-bill kenny

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