Sunday, November 24, 2013

Deck the Malls

Trust me on this, I didn't take a picture Friday when I first saw it because I was driving and when I saw it yesterday walking back from the Leffingwell House Museum clean-up I resisted the temptation to hip check the holiday-garbed doofus into the oncoming traffic, but I am NOT in the Christmas spirit and forcing the issue will not help.

Coming home Friday afternoon, sitting at the light in Montville (Connecticut) from which I make a left to head onto Route 2A and from there to 395 North and home, I could see ahead on the right at the next intersection where, just beyond that is a large and very successful Chinese food place, a very large sign reading 'Happy Holidays' from a local radio station and behind the sign, sort of propping it up with his legs, Santa Claus.

Okay. It was somebody dressed like Santa Claus. Happy, now? If you're keeping track at home, this was on Friday, 22 November, or one month and three days BEFORE Christmas. I'm not happy now. I'm not an especially big fan of any Christmas brouhaha until the adventkalendar kicks in, meaning on the first of December and ideally we should take a hint from the Twelve Days of Christmas, and it is too hard dammit, and just chill out.

It's not yet Thanksgiving. if you want to stand on a street corner dressed like a Pilgrim holding a plucked turkey by its neck, yes, I concede you'll look foolish but you'll be accurate and authentic. Spare me the commercial cash-in and figure out the answer to Arlo's question.
-bill kenny


Anonymous said...

Agreed, Bill - Thanksgiving definitely has to come and go before its time to be saying Merry Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving, pilgrim


William Kenny said...

Then I'll hold my yuletide wishes for you and yours in abeyance right now and hope your Thanksgiving is terrific!