Saturday, July 12, 2014

None of You Stand So Tall

You’ve probably sensed more than consciously realized that the summer days are almost imperceptibly growing shorter. Like a shy smile, they disappear almost, but not quite, before our very eyes. The evening’s darkness last night approached a moment sooner than it did Monday evening but not as soon as it will next Monday.

I saw my first ‘hey, kids! Get ready for back to school’ TV commercial yesterday and it made me remember how I used to feel  when I was a kid and that happened, and how much I hated adults for making up rules like just after something gets really good, like vacation, it has to end. And now I am an adult who still has to live by rules and never get to make any. Hoist with my own petard.

This weekend, assuming the cloud cover cooperates, is the lunar perigee, when it will be a Supermoon. I’m still childish enough to smile when I type Supermoon. I meant childlike, of course. Sure I did.

I love how the fullness of the moon brings out the Doricness of the columns of the Lincoln Memorial though my fondness is tempered by the certainty someone, somewhere, wonders where the Cadillac Memorial is. We are a nation with the same sense of history possessed of a cat.

Actually my real reason for writing about the lunar perigee is it affords me all the reason I could ever need to share one of my absolute most favorite songs from someone gone too soon, Nick Drake, and Pink Moon. And it’s true, none of any of us stand so tall.

-bill kenny

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