Sunday, July 13, 2014

Very Loud or Very Dark

You should already have your television on and tuned to whatever the ABC station here in the Land of the Round Doorknobs is in case somebody wants to broadcast a profile of one of the players in this afternoon’s World Cup 2014 final when they were a child. You never know

Come to think of it, I may need to rent a back-up TV in case something were to happen to the one in our living room before or during the game. I'll wait on that project until my wife is distracted. I wonder if my old stand-by, 'Say, isn't that Elvis Presley over there?', might work though it hasn't at any time in the previous almost thirty-seven years of matrimony. First time for everything, I suppose.

I’m not going to lie to you. Yes, I am looking forward to seeing a well-played and great game. However, I have a very defined set of expectations in terms of the sole desired outcome.

That’s you feigning surprise? You’re not very good at this, but you already knew that, right? Sort of like the Brazilian back line defending during the semi-final. Could not resist. Sorry.

Before I get too comfortable in this chair and glue my thumb to the clicker on the remote, I would be remiss if I didn’t say thank you to every member of every team that competed for the opportunity to play in World Cup 2014. 

If I had more eyes, I’d have watched even more than I did, because the only thing about what the rest of the world calls football but we call soccer that I don’t like is that it’s not as popular  here as I’d like it to be.

Maybe someday. Maybe sometime. But today is the day to be here now. Good luck to your team but BEST of luck to mine. 

-bill kenny  

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